Doug Inducted Into Cured Meats Hall of Fame

During the 78th Annual Convention of the American Association of Meat Processors, Doug Hankes was inducted into the Cured Meats Hall of Fame. Doug was quite shocked to be awarded this prestigious honor. Below is the description of this award taken from the Amercian Association of Meat Processors website. At Thrushwood Farms, we are quite proud of the accomplishments Doug has achieved during his career. 
"The Cured Meats Hall of Fame Award was established to recognize individuals that have shown a long-standing excellence in the production of cured meats. One person per year will be selected to receive the award unless otherwise recommended. Award winners have actively participated in the American Cured Meat Championships for several years, state cured meat shows, demonstrated exceptional ability in the production of cured meats, been involved in AAMP activities, and willing to share knowledge and information with others in the meat industry."


If you see Doug, please congratulate him on his award.