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30 - 1 oz. Hickory Smoked Snack Sticks per box. These tasty treats come individually wrapped and require no refrigeration.


BBQ has always been one of our favorite flavors. BBQ pizza, ribs, chips, sauces, rubs we just love BBQ! When we set out to make the BBQ snack stick we decided there were a lot of them out there so we need to give it a twist. I have always had a sweet tooth and decided we needed to make a sweet bbq snack stick. We made one batch and I passed them out to a bunch of people at our retail shop almost every customer asked if they could buy some right then and there. I had not made enough snack sticks to do that but told them to have all of the samples that they would like! BBQ was made once, and became an instant hit so we left it alone and started packaging it right away.

30 snack sticks per box.